• Mobility and Injury / Surgery Rehab Assessments followed by One on One sessions to regain mobility and full range of motion

  • Regain mobility and full range of strength and movement with One on One Stretch coaching

  • Relaxation, Healthy Breathing and Meditation Coaching to reduce stress, blood pressure and ease chronic pain patterns.

Stretching and Flexibility Classes and Fall Prevention Programs

Learn how to feel inner peace, happiness and true well-being

As we age, our flexibility — our mobility — decreases as muscles lose elasticity. Muscles are only one part of the body losing their responsive nature. Work with me to understand how stretching, and increased flexibility and mobility can help you reduce the risk of falls in your life. Fall prevention is something we can all learn at any age. Learn why stretching is so important to keep your body flexible and its role in increasing balance and fall prevention for seniors. If we can avoid falls and the injuries that come as an outcome, you can increase your capacity for healthy living and longevity. Knowing how to correctly stretch is crucial to healing from injuries, and chronic pain. You will be given a full health and mobility assessment in order to have a personal stretch/flexibility program or fall prevention program designed for you that you can do at home regularly.


The B.I.O. Method teaches you how to stretch as a meditation that can also help with stress reduction, lower blood pressure, and reduce chronic pain, while increasing your cognitive ability. B.I.O. offers full hour, half hour, or duet sessions for your Stretch and Flexibility classes. The Fall Prevention classes are all private and are an hour long.

  • “Just a note of thanks for your great dedication to your goal of improving the fitness levels of the students who take your B.I.O. Method classes. You keep the classes interesting and fun while sharing your considerable knowledge of how each activity will improve the “Life in our years”! I am continually learning valuable life improvement lessons as you always answer any questions that may come your way in class. I look forward to The B.I.O. Method classes, ready to work hard and then be rewarded with a wonderful stretch at the end of class and have fun while doing it.” Thanks again!

    Vicki T
  • “As an outdoor adventure travel journalist who works at a computer all day, I find that the 5-Minute The B.I.O. Method Chair Relaxation particularly helpful for relaxing my body, clearing my mind, and giving me new ideas for my articles. Although I’m familiar with yoga, I never before thought of doing different positions in my office chair. When I have more time at home, I put on the 45-minute The B.I.O. Method Stretch and Relax DVD. Not only does Barbara carefully guide you through the various movements, she also explains the psychological and physiological benefits each stretch. Rather than rushing through each position, she suggests melting into each relaxation for 30-40 seconds, which brings about greater relaxation. Since I travel a lot for my work, I take the DVD with me to stay in shape for more adventures.”

    Peter Schroeder
  • “How exciting it has been to feel better, sleep better, and make better choices for my health, which all translate to LOOKING better! What a bonus! Barbara created a personalized workout and food outline that fits into my life. She took into consideration my work schedule, child care responsibilities, and my social life in order to develop a program that works for me. This is not a diet, but rather a way of life. A way of life that is realistic. I’m off the junk, and not on a starvation diet! Whether you are fairly fit already and want to get that ten pounds off, coming to an age where hormonal changes are taking place, or need to get your body back to health, Barbara will tailor-make a program that you can utilize consistently. I now know there are ways to travel, socialize, cook, and maintain a busy lifestyle and still do what’s best for my body. I highly recommend Barbara for individual counseling or group programming. She is the best at making you feel your best!”

    Lynn Curry, Senior Vice President, Natural Resources Spa Consulting, Inc.
  • “We contracted with Bloom Inside Out for first for our management team, then we had our entire staff get involved because we were so impressed. Barbara educated us about using nutrition to gain greater energy and health, and on how to reduce stress by using progressive relaxation, meditation, breathing, and The B.I.O. Method stretching technique. Some of our staff met with her on an individual basis after the group workshops to begin weight loss and at home fitness programs. The result of working with Barbara has been marvelous; reduced absences due to illness, more work productivity, and an overall improvement of attitude in our company. I would highly recommend Barbara Bloom’s unique corporate programs.”

    Matsu International, Inc.
  • Barbara Bloom mentored me both physically and spiritually through the Bloom Inside Out Fast Metabolism Diet Program. The combination of the FMD Program, and the personalized in studio B.I.O. Method Circuit and Weight classes brought me successfully to a healthy weight and great energy. I have learned to shop, cook and freeze meals for optimum health without feeling deprived at all. A food diary was perhaps the best behavior modification tool for me. The changes I made will enable me to live in the real world and enjoy the new ME.”

    P. Dreyfus

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