My Programs

Personal Pilates Training and Fitness Classes

It is never to late to improve the level of your strength, fitness and quality of life:

  • Wellness Assessment for improved fitness and overall health.

  • One-on-one heavy weight training session to increase Human Growth Hormone and metabolism, 25 minutes.

  • One-on-One Pilates Reformer coaching sessions. Full or half sessions available.

  • Pilates Circuit Training Class. 50 minute aerobic circuit class with core and coaching on Reformer as part of circuit.

Stretching and Flexibility Classes, and Fall Prevention Programs

Learn how to feel inner peace, happiness and true well-being:

  • Mobility and Injury / Surgery Rehab Assessments followed by One on One sessions to regain mobility and full range of motion

  • Regain mobility and full range of strength and movement with One on One Stretch coaching

  • Relaxation, Healthy Breathing and Meditation Coaching to reduce stress, blood pressure and ease chronic pain patterns.


Nutrition Education and Weight Management

Don’t let past failures keep you from learning how to finally take back control of your eating habits, your weight and your health.

  • Comprehensive health, nutrition and destructive eating habits assessment.

  • Behavior Modification coaching.

  • Personalized or group weight loss and stabilization programs and education.

  • Personal Coaching to help you learn how to stock a healthy kitchen, manage food prep, and how eat out and socialize while on healthy weight loss program.

  • Group or personal whole food cooking classes.

Wellness Programs and Education

Improve your productivity, lower insurance premiums and more with Wellness Programs and Education.

  • Individual Health Risk Assessments and one on one lifestyle choice coaching.

  • Wellness Lectures, Seminars and Education available for small or large groups.

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