About Barbara Bloom

Barbara is a certified Wellness and Longevity, Pilates, and Fast Metabolism Diet Coach

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Bloom Inside Out offers a variety of wellness programs tailored to the individual, group, or corporate needs. We also offer The B.I.O.

What People Are Saying

“How exciting it has been to feel better, sleep better, and make better choices for my health, which all translate to LOOKING better!

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Bloom Inside Out offers The B.I.O. Method™ a unique way to achieve optimum fitness, health and longevity that include Pilates, Personal Training, Health and Lifestyle Coaching. We offer Programs for individuals, groups, and corporations and are available for both lectures and master classes in Relaxation, Meditation Techniques, Stretching, and Nutrition/Weight Loss. Barbara Bloom has been trained by Haylie Pomroy the author of the Times #1 best selling book The Fast Metabolism Diet and is the only FMD Coach in Northern California offering Fast Metabolism Weight Loss and Metabolism Re-balancing Programs. Take back control over your health, well-being and quality of life right now by making your first appointment. To get more information about our programs or make an appointment with Barbara Bloom or purchase our DVD, click here.


Bloom Inside Out is Proud to offer the first of the B.I.O Method DVD Series

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Barbara is a pioneer in the Health and Fitness Industry with 43 years of experience. She was instrumental in designing and introducing the first Low Impact Aerobics classes while working with Jane Fonda.